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A recovering pop music addict who’s finding his way in the wide, wonderful world of music.

Experience hit singles from Joni Mitchell, Miley Cyrus and Savage Garden like you’ve never heard them before

You know the saying: What’s old is new again… and covers are all the rage right now, (we see you, Kelly Clarkson and Ritt Momney) but 1990s nostalgia is even hotter, so of course the two are going to converge. Thank COVID quarantine, thank recycling, or just thank simple nostalgia…

His latest release solidifies a more mature sound and tackles themes related to love, adulthood and fame in the year 2020

Shawn Mendes is growing up. The 22-year-old singer-songwriter is coming into his own, honing his sound, and finally turning into the superstar pop singer he’s been trying to be for years.

On his 2018 self-titled LP (his third), he finally evolved past his blandly sweet-yet-forgettable coffee shop singer-songwriter sound for…

JoJo, “December Baby”

The pop singer’s album is an impassioned and soulful triumph in a sea of holiday releases.

Put the skulls and witches’ brooms away; celebrities are here to usher us into the next great holiday season with a fresh batch of Christmas and holiday releases full of good (and bad) cheer.

Nevermind Carly Rae Jepsen’s new Christmas single or Tori Kelly’s festive album—actually, don’t nevermind them; they’re…

Credit: Alex Knight, Unsplash:

The “golden age” of TV and an abundance of multimedia streaming services have ushered in an overwhelming new era of constant content. Who could possibly keep up?

Have you seen that new Netflix docuseries? You know… the one about food?

How about “Lovecraft Country”?

You’re up to date on “The Handmaid’s Tale,” right?

Are you excited for the Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X?

Have you heard Katy Perry’s new album? I hear it’s pretty good.


I heard that you like the bad girls, honey, is that true?

When you talk about something coming out of left field, there’s really a range of unexpectedness at play; there’s “Beyoncé’s surprise album drop” left field, there’s “I had no idea my husband was cheating on me” left field… and then there’s “Trixie Mattel covers a Lana Del Rey song” left…

If you’re looking for more sexy midtempo R&B, you came to the right place

It’s been just over three years since SZA dropped her (justly) much-lauded album Ctrl, and unless you count her appearance on the Black Panther and Trolls World Tour soundtracks, we haven’t really seen much from her since.

After a brief beef (or maybe just misunderstanding?) with her label over the…

The app has quickly become a powerhouse in viral music promotion

By now, you’ve heard of TikTok, either through word of mouth, resharing of its short viral clips, or maybe during COVID-19 isolation, your kids have roped you into dancing in a video or two.

The app, which really exploded onto the scene in 2019, asks that users record short clips…

Now is the perfect time to redefine our definition of what’s popular— again

The 1990s: a time of unprecedented economic growth, questionable fashion choices, and the unstoppable reign of MTV. It was also a time of rapid expansion and evolution of the musical landscape as new genres like grunge and ska bursted onto the scene, and old genres like swing music experienced unexpected…


This is a story about a girl named Lucky

Leave Britney alone.

You’ve heard it before, and I’m here to make absolutely sure you hear it again.

Leave Britney alone.

If you’ve been paying any attention to the tabloids and pop culture lately, you might have noticed that Britney has been… how to say this? Laying low.

Ever since…

Hop into Barbie’s bright pink convertible for a detour through 1990s rock-pop realness

Drag queen musicians are a dime a dozen these days; if you’re looking to extend your “RuPaul’s Drag Race” fame, then a buzzy single or two is the way to do it. …

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