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Folk-pop band Joseph returns with triumphant single “Fighter”

The Pacific Northwest’s burgeoning indie scene makes a bid for the mainstream thanks to this trio of talented sisters

If you haven’t heard of Joseph yet, I’m sorry to say you’re failing at life. Too harsh? Well, at any rate, it’s time to get familiar. The Portland indie folk-pop trio, which consists of Natalie Closner Schepman and her twin sisters Meegan and Allie Closner, have made waves in recent years for their powerhouse vocals and absolutely killer harmonies. Their previous album, “I’m Alone, No You’re Not” was an impeccable piece of craftmanship, full of intricately layered harmonies, empowering calls to action, and deeply vulnerable reflections on life and learning to be a better human — both to other people and to yourself. Also: If you haven’t seen their electric live performances, you’re missing out.

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A recovering pop music addict who’s finding his way in the wide, wonderful world of music.

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